Financial Compliance & Governance

As the marketing services industry continues to evolve and increase in complexity, it is crucial that advertisers have contracts in place that maximize the value of their marketing investment that passed through their marketing services agencies and partners.

Working across the marketing supply chain, we combine specialist knowledge of agency practices and systems with professional review standards. Our technology enabled process allows for a more efficient, robust and comprehensive audit.

MediaPath Compliance is uniquely placed to help advertisers ensure their marketing services partners are delivering financial transparency and are held accountable for their media planning recommendations.

We have offices in UK, US, Germany, Australia, China and South Africa, our experienced staff have audited in 100 + markets around the world.

Our range of services help advertisers ensure that their marketing supplier contracts are working in the way that the advertiser expects (contract strength can only be truly determined under the stress of a compliance review)

Our Range of services include:

  • Financial contract compliance Reviews
    • Identification of financial returns to advertiser for non-compliant practices
  • Onboarding
    • Ensuring Advertiser and Agency staff understand the contractual obligations on both parties to deliver financial compliance and transparency throughout the relationship.
  • Digital Audits
    • Review of digital transparency and supply chain, ensuring disclosed / non-disclosed programmatic arrangements are being adhered to.
  • Exit Audits
    • Reviewing of post termination financial obligations. Are financial balances / benefits being returned by exiting partner, thereby allowing a clean financial break.
  • Compensation Review
    • Ensuring fees and commissions are billed within the agreed terms, and ensuring the relationship is being supported by the appropriate Agency Resource.
  • Contractual Review
    • Learnings from contract compliance reviews will help advertisers identify weaknesses in partner contracts and help put robust contracts in place going forward.
  • Training
    • Contract compliance reviews help up-skill advertiser staff in working practices within the marketing services eco-system. This decreases the “knowledge gap” between advertisers and their Agency partners helping the advertiser to challenge and negotiate with their Agency partner from a position of strength.

Our services and scope are tailored specific contract in place and to the type of marketing servicing partner engaged by the advertiser. We have extensive experience conducting contract compliance reviews of:

  • Media Agencies (Network, Affiliate and Independent)
  • Digital Specific Agencies (Affiliate Marketing, Social, SEO, Influencer marketing)
  • Direct Supplier client arrangements (Publishers / DSPs / Data / Tech)
  • Direct Marketing and Print
  • Creative & Production
  • Print Management
  • Point of Sale
  • Experiential.

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