Tech-based consultancy

Media Path is a strategic media consulting company.  We have evolved into a technology based media consultant pioneering a completely unique and powerful performance-based benchmarking methodology to advertisers.


Trusted media partner

We are trusted media partners to our clients regardless of the size of their business.  We provide clarity, control and transparency to help them to navigate today’s complex and fast-paced media landscape. We empower our clients with the knowledge they need to make the right choices through data/performance driven decision making.


Media experience

Our team has strong expertise in both traditional and digital media. They include ex-advertisers, former consultants, Account Directors from leading media agencies and media consultancy companies all equipt with the vital global and local media market knowledge and experience.


Global footprint

We help our clients with media transformation and consultancy across >60 countries in all five continents. Our clients are some of the world’s largest advertisers, and our network of owned offices and leading affiliates support them through high-level media intelligence and rigorous benchmarking.


Building win-win relationships

Trusted, beneficial relationships don’t just happen; we make them happen. We focus on transparency, effective communication and value driven insights, which help agencies and advertisers build strong and productive relationships in the long term