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There are a number of areas we support our clients on ensuring their media investment is working as efficiently and effective as possible:


  • Media process and governance – our innovative approach via the online platform GMP365 establishes best practise across the business for media investment process including planning cycles and data, pre-check performance, approval process and reporting
  • Agency relationship management – effective collaboration and governance with your media agency partner is the first step to optimising media performance and delivery.
  • Media strategy & planning – our team supports the appraisal of the alignment of your media strategy with brand and business targets before approval. We identify improvement areas and empower our client with expert guidance to better manage internal expectations as well as better communicate with, assess and reward their agency partner.
  • Media training – we are here to help our clients improve their understanding and confidence around the media landscape and the planning/buying process,to better challenge and work with their agency. We walk our clients hand-in-hand through the complex media process by helping them upfront with setting meaningful KPIs and supporting them with writing their media agency brief and translating the brief into agency language, ensuring nothing is lost in translation.