Extension of your marketing department – putting the client first

We like to position ourselves as an extension of your marketing department. We work at grass roots level, sitting down and identifying with your marketing teams what is required to achieve higher media value. We genuinely care about you regardless your company’s size. We are far smaller than many of our competitors and as a result, our clients are really important to us. We work very closely with our clients and you will get special attention from us at all times. You will not just be another number on our balance sheet.



The majority of our clients continue to take our services year after year. This is a result of working hard to build trusted partnership with them, which allows us to understand better their challenges and identify new opportunities to improve performance.


Tailored solution

We do not believe in “one size fits all” approaches. We are not an audit factory producing report after report. We make sure that our client’s media campaigns deliver on clearly defined quality KPIs. We tailor and optimize our analytics, audits and consulting processes to fit our client’s needs.


100% Independence and objectivity

Media Path is not owned by people who buy or sell media and has no affiliations or links with Media Agencies. This means that Media Path provides unbiased views on how best to maximize marketing ROI and is on your side at all times.


100% Control of media data – our people, Pitcher™ and GMP365

Our people’s skills and integrity, together with our unique Pitcher™ methodology and the sophisticated GMP365 media platform we use, allow our clients to get spot on insight into their media investment’s efficiency and effectiveness.  Using the GMP365 software enables us to eliminate the risk of manual data entry errors and manual report generation. As a result, we work simpler, faster and better than our competitors.